Poppo Recharge/Top Up Coins Philippines Prices List

Are you still not sure about the steps to Poppo recharge in the Philippines? For payment methods that Poppo does not officially support, you can try PoppoRecharge, which is an officially authorized platform. The steps to buy Poppo and the price of Poppo coins are all in this article.

How do I Recharge My Poppo in Philippines?

To top up your Poppo account, follow these steps:

  1. Identify an Poppo coin seller: Authorized reseller for Poppo can usually be found on Google.You can also check community forums or social media groups for recommendations.
  2. Visit the Platform: Log in/register Poppo recharge platform account.
  3. Choose Top-Up Amount: Select the amount you want to top up in your Poppo account. The PoppoRecharge platform offers different coin specifications.
  4. Fill in information: Enter the correct Poppo ID and phone number.
  5. Select Payment Method: PoppoRecharge supports local payment in the Philippines, including: GCash, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay…
  6. Confirm the Transaction: After making the payment, your Poppo account will be recharged. This may take a few minutes.

Are there specific payment methods in the Philippines?

Can I pay with GCash? The Poppo Live official website does not support local payment methods in the Philippines, but you can use GCash to purchase coins on PoppoRecharge. The entrance to purchase Poppo coins GCash in the Philippines is:

Poppo Coins Price List

Everyone knows the official price of Poppo, you can check it on the app or website. But do you know the price of Poppo sellers? Take PoppoRecharge as an example (because it is the cheapest website):

178,000 Coins= PHP1100.65 (Original Price=PHP1277.06)

297,000 Coins= PHP1828.55 (Original Price=PHP2131.55)

920,000 Coins= PHP5742.36 (Original Price=PHP5742.36)

635,000+15,000 Coins= PHP4022.23 (Original Price=PHP4671.60)

4,000,000 Coins= PHP24459.25 (Original Price=PHP28704.20)

In addition, there are many other specifications with cheap prices. If you want to check them out, click:

You can Poppo recharge Canada, Poppo recharge Saudi Arabia